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and people call him weak.


and people call him weak.

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Anonymous asked: "My sister's reading Mockingjay & asked me why the squad refused to kill Peeta when he begged them to, I told her bcuz they wouldn't w/o Katniss' approval. She didn't understand why Katniss' approval would matter w/ Peeta since she kept saying she'd written him off & it's Peeta's life & they're not together or anything. I had some trouble coming up with a good answer & was wondering if you could give some insight on that situation?"



Thanks for asking me this question. You made me think.

A couple things come to mind:

  1.  Is your sister done reading Mockingjay?
  2. What’s your view on Everlark when Peeta’s still in the Capitol?

You were definitely right. They weren’t going to act without Katniss’s approval since Katniss was the Mockingjay. The Rebels, Coin and D13 did a lot to protect and appease Katniss in order to get her to do what they needed her to do. Katniss was important and she was also making the shots in lieu of Boggs.

When Katniss “wrote Peeta off” she was essentially reacting as if Peeta was dead: going to Two, her plan to kill Snow and then, die. But getting shot, led her back to him in 13 and then again with the Star Squad where they were essentially thrown into the “Arena” again, but this time Peeta was seen as an enemy.

She didn’t write Peeta off because she didn’t love him anymore, but because she did love him. She was hurt. She was broken. She was having to deal with her heartbreak of losing him.

She also didn’t kill him because they “protect each other.” It’s what they do. That theme is carried throughout the entire series. When Peeta’s begging Katniss and the rest of the Star Squad to kill him, he’s trying to protect her and them from himself. 

Katniss wasn’t going to allow Peeta to be killed because she loves him. She spends the end of Catching Fire and the entirety of Mockingjay pining for, mourning over and missing Peeta. She loves him. It’s that simple. 

What I think is great that you point out is how the “protect each other” theme is carried throughout the series.  And quite honestly, I don’t think she ever would have been able to kill him.  She was a mess trying just to live without him.

Also, once Haymitch calls her out on how she’s treated Peeta, how she keeps punishing him over and over again, it’s like a lightswitch.  She knows that she’s not doing this the right way.  And she knows that it needs to change.

Recreating his memory of me is excruciating, but it does feel good to help him try.” 

She’s stopped fighting against her feelings and has opened herself back up to him, that’s why she couldn’t, wouldn’t, and wouldn’t let anyone else kill him…because she’d flipped it around.  And Peeta would never let anything happen to her, and he’d certainly never let her kill herself.


"Let me go!"

"I can’t.”


Even in his hijacked mindset, he wouldn’t let her kill herself, because that’s what they do…protect each other.

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So damn handsome.

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i’m genuinely concerned that no one will fall in love with me

I’m not even ‘concerned’ anymore, I’ve accepted it

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And I will be holding this flag for you reference…

Come back, lil peanut!!

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samazing07 asked: "List 5 facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers <3"

Thanks for sending this to me, Sam!! <3 

1. I have a bit of a headache right now.

2. I’m on this incidental ‘diet’ as of late and I’m starting to freak out a bit, I need advice desperately right now and google is not helping, any takers?

3. I should be asleep by now LOL

4. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my hair…I must get my hair did!! Hahaha

5. Ugh, I’ve got too much stuff to do before the Ultra Mega Happy Josh trip next week and I’m stressing out :/

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