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17 April 2014 @ 11:00 AM

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this guy works at buzzfeed 


this guy works at buzzfeed 

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this shit about Bryan Singer


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actual katniss and peeta if they weren’t at the mercy of an oppressive ruler


peeta would be so happy and free spirited and silly and katniss would just be like “okay, i’ll allow it”

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sparklebabey asked: "vote 37, can you go on my page and press the (SDA <--read backwards) and leave open for a few minutes?"


I’m scared, I feel like your blog is going to bite me or something LOL :D 

Thank you sooo much for voting!! <3 

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In honor of finding out this moment was not scripted, I made this cause why not?

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soaringundertheclouds asked: "Hey! I was her 54th vote...I hope she wins :)"

You best!! THANK YOU! <3

Follow this beautiful person !! :D

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Peeta & Katniss character tropes

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"That last night… to tell you about that last night…"

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

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